How to upgrade windows 7,8,10 to windows 11 with OEM


 It smart to make a full backup to move back in the event that anything surprising occurs. Notwithstanding the framework, you ought to likewise make a complete backup of your records to cloud drive administration or outer physical drive assuming you really want to reestablish them physically

Whether you just purchased a computer or you need to refresh a more seasoned gadget, with windows11 , installation assistant can assist you with line for microsoft new working framework, indeed, even  it's ok if you actually don't have any desire to pause!  on figure out how  windows11 installation assistant is your easy route.

Assistance requirement to install windows 11

To install with windows 11 whether present computer is eligible, these we can test by running pre - requirements checks in a couple of ways.

Hardware requirements




1 gigahertz (GHz) or quicker with at least two centers on a viable 64-bit processor or framework


Recommended 4GB


64 GB* or more prominent accessible stockpiling to install Windows 11

Graphic card

Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver

Bios firmware

UEFI, Secure Boot proficient


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) adaptation 2.0


High definition (720p) show, 9" or more prominent screen, 8 pieces for every shading channel


Important to perform refreshes, and to download and utilize a few highlights

If present computer running with windows 7

Without losing your records and eradicating everything on hard drive utilizing set up update choice, You can rapidly play out this errand with Microsoft Media Creation Tool, which is accessible for Windows 7, you need to ensure that "Windows 7 Service Pack 1" is installed

There can be different ways Of overhauling Windows 7 to Windows 11, We will examine strategy which is easiest of all.

  • Click on Start Menu and go to “Control Panel” and select
  • On control panel window go to system and security tab you will see a “Windows Updates” 

  • Click link it opens 'check update' tab click to receive recent updates which is available for windows 7

  • When windows have looked for recommended updates, you can essentially tap Install updates (which is required to install windows 11)

  • As another option, it will show important and optional updates, important is which pre - requirements of windows 7, optional gives various accessible and discretionary updates

  • Presently rundown of updates is listed, you can choose and install any update by choosing discourse boxes

  • Assuming, you see Windows 11 upgrade in list, if available select and tap on Install Windows 7 will install updates to move up on Windows 11

If present computer running with windows 8/8.1/10

You can directly download windows 11 media creation tool or ISO overhaul record from OEM site and install on present framework, we will utilize the more straightforward methodology 

  • Click start menu, go to settings icon and select

  • It will open settings page ,click on "Updates and Security"
  • In this updates and security tab, click to check for new updates, if any list of multiple pending updates, select download and install recommended pre - require
  • If all updates were completed, it show upgrade to windows 11 is ready, select download and install

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