How to add or install emoji reactions counter bar buttons in blogger

Know more about emoji reaction counter bar button in blogger


Reaction bar is a helpful for visitor guests to give their input without putting their words of comment, It's very simple way of approach your visitors to get connect and engaging, and it will assist evaluating  your blog's quality since most visitors are need more interactive way of putting their review on comment box, for that we introducing these emoji feature buttons, it is desirable to provide your visitor presense with single tick  or criticism choice, here's a fast and simple method of adding emoji reaction to any site like (blogger or wordpress) by using ShareThis we will enable this feature.

ShareThis reaction emoji to communicate with your blog article in a successful manner, is not difficult to introduce and tweak also, it looks phenomenal on any gadgets You've most likely seen it on numerous famous online journals or sites, It likewise requests me, since It's incredible, you will ready to add these response fastens together, including most amazing aspect of element is you might add response buttons to your site with only a couple of straightforward snaps, ShareThis reaction widget intends to make it simpler for users to decide if an article is appropriate for survey, by utilizing this offer button gadget, perusers will actually want to share their response more improved on way.

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Like - Love- Haha - WOW - Miserable - Furious

Steps to install reaction button in blogger/ wordpress with a ShareThis feature

  • Open ShareThis website and signup with your user-credential to create reactions emojis
  • Completed signup, now login to ShareThis dashboard to get verify your domain
  • Goto left menu bar and select setttings to add domain property
  • Click  Settings and select Add new domain it will open a pop up to add domain address

  • After entering domain value it will appear on domains dashboard

Now we have to activate ShareThis App directory on domain page

  • Goto ShareThis app directory service page on the top left right have ACTIVATE CODE

  • Copy code and add it on blogger or worpress
  • Open blogger dashboard and select theme tab, click customize arrow and select to edit HTML

  • If you directly copy ShareThis code from directory on source code, change "&" to deliminator ";"
  • Add or paste ShareThis activate code above</head> tag, which i have shared is not the same code which you goin to get from ShareThis directory
  • Return back to ShareThis Dashboard click to 'Activate' button, you will see prompt message like  beneath screen capture

Enabling emojis reactions buttons on Apps directory

  • Goto Apps directory now click enable reactions button it will show enabled
  • For this again we need to edit themes template to show reaction on post or page
  • Open themes on blogger or wordpress select edit using Ctrl+F  to find <data:post.body/> and copy code paste it above this body tag, if your still not getting showed on post, paste code after this <data:post.body/>
  • After edited theme click save to take effect on post or page
  • By adding this ShareThis directory getting error by enabling emoji reaction buttons, check If you still finding difficulty by adding code please share your query on comment box
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