How to add table of content in blogger

Blogger doesn't have a form in gadget to make table of contents automatically, along these lines, we need to do this manually, activities we can add or create a chapter guide for blogger, there are two method for adding blogger by chapter guide gadget

Adding scripts in template, this one will add a java script code to your template format, so each time you make another post you simply need to add a basic code part in your post to incorporate blogger table of content, this minimize your scrolling space, be certain you should comprehend fundamental of XML and HTML, since, supposing that you commit an error your format won't work, in this work you can recruit a web engineer.

Adding manual code in each post, this isn't suggested, since for this want to add a long code in each post, accordingly you page stacking time will increment, that might decrease your traffic, Or you can add a code each post, That will help you however this won't look like proficient, assuming you apply custom CSS for your list this might help yet you want to make list of chapters for each post by hand bit harder.

Adding scripts to theme template create table of contents manually

First Step -  Login into and click on theme -> select edit HTML

Second Step - Using CTRL+F find for ]]></b:skin> and copy CSS code and paste it above ]]></b:skin>

To Create table of content - Insert this HTML code to post

Third step - In blogger dashboard go to post switch to HTML view to add the code where you need to display table of contents.

Fourth Step - Enter ID's to appropriate headings and paragraph that you listing by chapter guide in table content on post.

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