Sun - Healing Power Of Nature

Do not hate the Sun (Power)


  • One who doesn't wakes up to see sun light zombie folds. One who wakes up to see sun light gives Agility
  • Do not forget sun! Do not lose sun light agility is like milk
  • Medication goes to place where sun is down
  • The sun is the primordial medicine

Sun is origin of world power (ENERGY). Sun of life. The center of world is sun. This earth is children of  sun. Grass, garlic, beast, man, mammal and all beings (Giving power) protects lives of its own offspring through solar radiation.

Hatred of sun, abstinence from sunlight, is avoiding (breastfeeding) agility milk

Hatred of sunlight is pit of death, Living without sunlight is a great prison; Torture camp, we seek for ourselves. 

First knowledge fails, then everything, including two, three, four, five, and six knowledge, will not work, It is a natural, first sense-touch-nervous system works well only when sunlight hits our body soul

Sun that cultivates micro-organisms and destroys micro-organisms. We learned how to hate it?

Tree, plant, vine, not growing in sunlight. Does not bloom. It does not hurt. How can we bloom and bear fruit only if we protect our body from sunlight?

If sun does not shine, not only leaves of  tree, plant, vines, we also infertile! 

Photosynthesis does not mean cooking food (sugar) for world. When sunlight does not reach the body, we are forced to break even for minor contractions,  Our body also absorbs and cooks from sunlight. (Not only Vitamins) is the only source of natural sunlight, which is essential for physical activity, hormonal activity growth, degeneration and metabolism.

For brain to function, it must realize that solar radiation absorbed through essential, which means that receives solar energy.

Power does not die. Foliage, trees, plants, and vines that have absorbed sunlight retain energy, at its life

Yes, what if these facts were taught in education so that everyone would know 

It is doubtful whether the "medical community" (pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, treatment, trade, etc.) can survive only if medical knowledge is kept secret and the medical knowledge of the general public is concealed.

Shouldn't public knowledge grow? Is that why psychiatry was destroyed? hidden?

In short, those who in the sun light for every day can wander around in snow, rain or anything. No harm to the body soul

The lotus turns to look at sun. This means lotus absorbs sunlight and is high in calcium and vitamins, everything. It is special to consume lotus petals daily. Spirit of lotus enriches lungs and body soul. In ancient, the whole lotus was worn as a garland.


The drug does not reach person, Medicine depends on the patient's mental state, health, physician's effectiveness, nature of the medication used and nature of caregiver.
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